Current Students and EAL Provision

The English language skills of all our students, in Primary and Secondary, are regularly assessed by mainstream teachers and EAL specialist teachers. They are formally assessed using the Cambridge Young Learner exams at the end of Year 2, Year 6 and Year 9. Years 3 and 7 are tested at the beginning of each academic year. The EAL department also communicates regularly with mainstream teachers and heads of departments regarding the English language skills of all our students. Specialist IELTS lessons and guidance is also offered to Year 12/13 students who require IELTS exams for university applications.

University of Cambridge Language Assessment

The following Exams and Levels are used to assess our students. Our students are expected to have the recommended pass grade of 70% in each applicable exam before departing the EAL programme and returning to full stream lessons. Students who receive 60% to 70% will also receive a formal or informal speaking assessment to determine whether they have the required level.

Years 2 and 3:   Cambridge YLE Starters

Years 4 and 5:   Cambridge YLE Movers

Year 6:  Cambridge YLE Flyers

Years 7 and 8:   Cambridge KET

Years 9 and 10: Cambridge PET

Cambridge Language Assement Levels Diagram