School Bus

Garden International School, Bangkok operates a fleet of modern buses that can be booked to pick students up from home in the morning and return them home at the end of school. The buses are all equipped with seat belts and carry drinking water and tissues. A bus monitor travels on each bus to take care of the children. For more information or to book the bus service please contact the school.

School Meals

First School children enjoy a morning snack, cooked lunch and full day children also enjoy an afternoon snack. Cold water is available at all times in the classroom and outside; water and milk accompany morning snack with chocolate milk offered once per week. Year 3 to 13 children have a choice of water or milk for morning snack along with fruit and carbohydrate snacks. Cold water is available at all times throughout the day. We have looked at the menu very carefully to provide healthy, nutritious food that is also popular with the children. The menu is worked out termly to provide balance and variety. Special diets and vegetarians are catered for. Children are encouraged to taste unfamiliar food. No child is forced to eat what they do not like. We often find that the ‘one bite’ rule leads to ‘this is delicious’. Sharing a meal together provides the opportunity for social interaction and conversation as well as making good hygiene part of the routine.



Children’s health and safety is paramount. The school has a full time nurse and a fully stocked sickbay. First aid boxes are kept in appropriate places and kept stocked at all times. All trained members of staff routinely clean grazes and small wounds. If a child has a fever or is unwell and unable to enjoy school, parents will be contacted so the child can be collected and taken home. Parents are informed if a child hurts themselves, as a matter of routine, either via communication book, written nurse’s report or by phone call.