Week 26 – Monday 15th to Friday 19th February

Dear Parents, Caregivers, Friends and Family,

Today brings us to the end of the first half of this term. We’ve learnt face to face and remotely, we’ve learnt inside and outside, we’ve learnt in groups and we’ve learnt by ourselves. It has been a time of learning and despite some of the challenges we have faced. A big thank you to everyone who has been involved in supporting the learning journey of our students!

I wish you all a wonderful half-term break and look forward to seeing the students again on Monday 1st of March.

Year 3 – Shadow Masters
This week, the Year 3 classes have enjoyed learning how shadows are created. We also discussed how they can be made bigger and smaller and how the transparency of a material can affect the darkness of a shadow. The children loved experimenting with shadows, trying to create different animals, and sketching in the playground.

Early Years – Pirates
This week we all enjoyed the theme of Pirates which followed on from our learning about Under the Sea! The students were able to explore a variety of learning tasks including counting and sorting ‘treasure’, creating pirate crafts, playing imaginatively to construct pirate ships, singing pirate action songs and sharing in pirate stories. The highlight of the week was our Pirate Picnic on Thursday where we played parachute games, ‘sailed boats’ and had a treasure hunt in the garden! Thank you so much for dressing your children in such wonderful pirate themed clothes for the day – it was a brilliant experience for the students!

Year 6 – Investigators
Year 6 has investigators this week. We looked at light through prisms and how this can affect the colour.

Year 7 & 8 – Maths
Y7 and Y8 had a project where they had to create a resource on a maths topic. They’ve been presenting their work over the last 2 days and here are some pictures of the work they have made.

Thai – Outdoor Learning
During their T-Com lessons this week the students have been taking advantage of the nice weather and putting their learning into practice. The students have been learning about traditional Thai games and were able to practice them outside this week.

Year 13 – Biology
Plants compete for light and nutrients in order to photosynthesize and grow. In this experiment, our Year 13 students were investigating how increased competition affects the rate of growth in germinating seeds.

Year 13 – Business Studies
Year 13 have been using all of their accounting knowledge to look at a variety of reasons why a business is starting to fail. This required them to read and analyse a number of sources and make calculations to justify their decisions. Finally, they had to evaluate which top three factors were the most important reason why the business was having problems. This is great practice to look at using Business Studies skills in real world situations and act as a business consultant.

Dates For Your Diary
Half-Term Holiday – Monday 22nd February – Friday 26th February

We wish you all a peaceful weekend,

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