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Garden International School, Bangkok is a friendly and family-orientated school, which has community at his heart.
Head of First School

I would like to sincerely welcome you to our family. The First School at Garden International School provides children with a caring, challenging and exhilarating environment supporting children into achieving academic excellence as well as deep emotional intelligence. We believe strongly in developing your child’s Personal, Social and Academic skills within a play based curriculum. Children at Garden International School are challenged to be the best they can, striving to overcome challenges with resilience, resourcefulness and reflectiveness.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum from the UK. This is a fantastic curriculum which truly values the importance of developing a secure foundation in a child’s educational journey, working with parents as partners, and treating each child as unique.

Class sizes are small with high adult to child ratios; this is part of the reason we have such wonderful relationships with both the children and parents who make up our Garden family.

Life at Garden International School Bangkok is filled with love, laughter and learning. We welcome you whole-heartedly into our school and, of course, our family. 

Mrs. Joya Noble

Head of First School

Mrs Georgina Cochrane

Deputy Principal
Head of Primary

Head of Primary

We would like to warmly welcome you to the Primary School at Garden International School, Bangkok. As the Head of Primary, I am delighted that you have shown an interest in our wonderful school.

Primary education at Garden International School starts at five years old, when the children enter Year 1 in Key Stage One, and ends once they have completed Year 6 at the end of Key Stage 2. We follow the British national curriculum in Years 1 to 6.

We are a learning-focussed school. For a child at Garden, this means that we develop their individual skills, knowledge and understanding. We ensure this by providing new learning experiences and allowing time for consolidating, reflecting upon and improving their learning.

Academic excellence and personal growth are promoted within a caring, welcoming, international community; grounded by our school’s mission and values.The well-being of our children is the main focus of all that we do in the school day, and central to our strategic plans to develop the curriculum and the learning environment. From the earliest phase, our UK trained, fully qualified teachers encourage children to interact with the world around them, to wonder and question, to cultivate caring and positive relationships and to be responsible.
The dynamic world we live in requires that successful individuals are able to continually adapt to change and new discoveries. In Primary school, we recognise the need to foster a love for learning in our children so they remain enthusiastic and motivated to continue their learning beyond the classroom.

Our programme of study is designed to inspire and generate curiosity. Our children are taught skills that enable them to access and extract the information they need from the vast array of sources available to them. They are introduced to a solid foundation of knowledge and conceptual understandings are nurtured. At Garden International School, Bangkok, children learn by having fun! 

Head of Secondary

Welcome to the Secondary School at Garden International School, Bangkok, we are a close-knit community, who work hard together to ensure our students reach their full potential. We ask students to reflect on the ques-tion “Am I doing all that I can?” and this is central to all that we do at school here. As a learning community we strive to be open to feedback and reflective, for only through these two attributes can we truly grow and enable our students to flourish. 

In our school we also believe passionately in learning as a holistic experience and we want our students to leave as well rounded individuals who can make a positive contribution to society. This means that learning at Garden International School, Bangkok goes beyond the classroom with a broad range of after-school clubs, trips, sports and events that aid the social and emotional growth of our students. Our Outdoor Education trips allow our students to push themselves, whilst developing an appreciation for the environment around them. We also have a number of special days in our calendar where all of Secondary School come together with a focus on holistic education and work in vertically aligned groups.

Our student body in the Secondary School is diverse with students coming from all over the world, which allows great the development of inter-cultural awareness and understanding. We believe fully in our students having a voice in our school, through the Student Leadership Team, House Captains and our Student Council. This, along with our strong relationships with our parent body, has led to us to develop a unique sense of family as a learning community.

It really is a privilege to be the Head of Secondary School here at Garden International School, Bangkok and I would highly recommend a visit to see for yourself. 

Ms. Monya Van Der Merwe

Head of Secondary

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