Schedule of Fees: Academic Year 2023-2024

High academic standards, a talented and stable teaching staff, and a nurturing, welcoming environment. Garden offers the best value international education in Bangkok. 

All fees are in Thai Baht
Administrative Fees (non refundable) - one time payment only
Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception60,000
Year 1 to 13 (Primary & Secondary)108,000
Application Fee (non refundable) - one time payment only
All Students (Includes testing if required)
Deposit (Refundable) - one time payment only
Pre-Nursery to Year 1310,000
Tuition Fees (per term) - 3 terms in one academic year
Year 1 to 6135,500
Year 7 to 9158,000
Year 10159,000
Year 11 (Payable for 2 terms only)238,000
Year 12 and 13 - A-Level (Payable for 2 terms only)242,400
English as an additional language (EAL) (per term)
Additional, and separate, charges apply for students identified as needing EAL support, these fees are compulsory and details are available on request.Starting from 5,925
French First Language Stream Fees (per term)
Additional fee for students enrolling in the French First Language Education Stream - 3 hours of French speaking students8,250

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